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Dried Chopped Chive Rings (chemical free )

Chemical free from Home Farm Herbery, our organic dried chopped chives are great in soups, on baked potatoes and more. If you're a vegan and you don't make chicken soup, what do you take for a cold? The answer from Traditional Chinese Medicine is to make a soup with tofu or miso and chives.

The chive is the smallest of the onion family and is native to Asia and Europe, and has been used both medicinally and as a culinary ingredient for 5000 years, but not actively cultivated until the middle ages. In 190 AD, the venerable master Zhang Zhong Zhing, whose Treatise on Cold is still the basic text of herbal taught to doctors in China today, recommended chives and soy to "open the pores" of the skin, inducing sweating, to sweat out the "environmental evil" he associated with cold and we associate with viruses.

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