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Naturally Grown Dill Weed from Home Farm Herbery is grown in our own hot, sunny part of Kentucky. Buy some today!

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Dill Weed Organic (dried)

Chemical free, Organic Dill Weed from Home Farm Herbery is grown in our own hot, sunny part of Kentucky. We harvest it when it is ready, dry it and pack it for delivery to your kitchen. Our Dill Weed has a light and sweet with a similar flavor to Caraway Seed. The taste and aroma is wonderful and is used in Pickling, dressings, dips, soups, chicken and eggs. Our grandson loved it when we put it in the potato salad. It is a great substitute for caraway seed or Dill dip mix. Plus it is Gluten Free, salt free, sugar free, diabetic friendly and vegan.

Dill Weed is also known as Garden Dill and Dilly and originated within an area around the Mediterranean and the South of Russia. Did you know that Dill Weed was purported to avert witchcraft in the Middle Ages?

It is a must in any good cook's kitchen or pantry. Order yours today because Home Farm Herbery strives to bring you the best and healthiest products possible.

Buy our organic, chemical free Organic Dill Weed today!

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We thank you for your purchase as 100% of our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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