Dried Chemical Free Tomato Flakes

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Dried Organic Tomato Flakes

If you liked Home Farm Herbery chemical freeSun Dried Tomatoes you will love our Dried chemical free Tomato Flakes.

Here at Home Farm Herbery we use these Gourmet Dried chemical free Tomato Flakes anywhere we would use fresh or sun dried tomatoes. Dehydrated tomatoes have had their water content slowly removed and the end result is that while the overall moisture has been significantly reduced the sweet, acidic flavor remains. Home chefs have long used sun dried tomatoes in a variety of dishes.

These flakes retain their flavor much better than canning and our sun-dried flakes add vibrant color and impressive depth of flavor to all sorts of dishes and we especially love to use their rich flavor in chili, marinades, pasta sauces, bagels, breads, pizza, salads, soups, stews, vegetable dishes and vinaigrettes.

This makes a great gift for your favorite gourmet cook or just a smart addition to your own pantry.

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