Dried Morel Mushrooms

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Dried Morel Mushrooms, Delicious, Order now & get a free gift & free shipping

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Dried Morel Mushrooms, Delicious, Order now & get a free gift & free shipping

Morel mushrooms have a hollow, honeycomb shaped cap that is 1 to 3 inches high.

Home Farm Herbery Morels are the black Morchella conica variety and are grown in the U.S.

The character and intensity of the morel flavor doesn't disappear when dried, and if properly stored will retain their aroma and flavor for several years.

Dried mushrooms may seem a bit expensive when compared to fresh, side-by-side, but in actuality, they provide tremendous value. The drying process intensifies the morel's flavor; as it takes approximately 10 lbs of fresh mushrooms to produce just 1 lb of dried morels. Experienced cooks understand not only the value, but the flexibility that dried mushrooms add to their cooking arsenal.

Morel mushrooms have a rich, smoky, earthy flavor and aroma.

But alas, fresh morel mushroom season will quickly pass, while dried morels are always in season. Use dried morels in beef, chicken or seafood recipes, braising liquids, casseroles, gravy, pasta, rice, simmering sauces, soups, stews, stir-fries, stocks, stuffing and in risottos when you're looking for additional thickness and more complex flavor.

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