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Maitake Mushrooms Dried all natural gourmet mushrooms are easy to reconstitute and have a long shelf life. Order a sampler now.

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When we learned how to grow Shiitake Mushrooms we went on to others and one of our favorites is the Maitake Mushroom which is also known as Hen-of-the-Woods, Sheep's Head, Ram's Head, Dancing Mushroom, King of Mushrooms, Monkey's Bench or Shelf Fungi We dry and hand pack this ingredient, an All Natural Gourmet Maitake Mushroom, to create a rich, intense mushroom taste and earthy aromatic flavor. Over the years of cooking with mushrooms we have found that Maitake Mushrooms pair well with hearty stews, meat, rice dishes, soups and stir-fry. We have also discovered this is a very useful substitute for Mushroom Powder Blend, Shiitake Mushrooms Dried, Porcini Mushrooms Dried, Oyster Mushrooms Dried and Forest Blend Dried Mushrooms.

On the healthy issue side Hen-of-the-Woods Mushrooms have been used in Eastern medicine for strengthening the immune system. Maitake is rich in minerals (potassium, calcium, and magnesium), vitamins (B2, D2 and niacin), fiber and amino acids. Did you know that mushrooms don't need sunshine to grow and thrive. Some of the earliest commercial mushroom farms were actually set up in caves in France during the reign of King Louis XIV (1638-1715)? 1 oz. Sampler $10.99 4 oz. package $29.99 16 oz. package $89.75 5 lbs. $359.00 10 lbs. $599.00 50 lbs. $1,699.00 Order today and get free shipping, a free herb, herb blend, tea sampler or heirloom seed of our choice.

We thank you as all our net proceeds go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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