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Peat Pellets or Seed Starting Plant Pellets are easy to us and come with complete instructions and are shipped FREE. Order now

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Peat Pellets or Seed Starting Plant Pellets

By far, the easiest way to start your seeds - indoors/outdoors.

Our pellets are made from sphagnum peat from specially selected peat bogs. Lime and a special fertilizer with low ammonium content are added to the peat in order to stimulate growth. The pellets have a pH of approximately 5.3 and are wrapped in a thin, degradable net. Ideal for starting your seeds indoors!

Just add water to let the soil expand - then add your seeds - and watch them grow. When you start plants inside, you raise them to a certain size and then transplant them out into your garden

Starting plants inside is very rewarding. All you need to do is add water, add your seeds, and watch them grow.

100% easy to grow.

Provides shock-free transplantation into your garden, container, or pot.

Each order comes with a complete instruction guide and FREE shipping and a FREE herb, herb blend, teas sampler or heirloom seed of our choice.

20 seed starting plant pellets with FREE shipping $19.99

We thank you in advance as 100% of our net proceeds go to St, Jude Children's Research Hospital.